Little 5 Points Halloween Parade

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There is something so effortlessly cool about black on black with a blue jean jacket. Especially with ripped jeans and a cropped top.

Checked out the Halloween Parade at Little 5 Points. It was bigger than I remembered from last year. Lots of cool costumes and tons of people all around. It’s a bit much for little kids after the parade though (it was a bit much for my ass after a while). Dipped off to Krog Street Market for dinner. Saw lots of cool street art on the way.

Atlanta Pride Parade 2018

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The Atlanta Pride parade was lovely. Weather was just starting to cool off and the mood was so beautiful. Talk about great energy the entire time. As you can see, I had a great time.

I want to teach my children that love is love, regardless of who it is with. And that there are so many beautiful people in this world. People be beautiful. So I was pretty excited to go to my first Pride parade with the kiddos.

What events are you all excited about in your neck of the woods?

My signature pink wig was in full effect. I really should start naming these wigs. And I kept it real low key with a white tee, brown pants, and Adidas sneakers. I just thought about it; this wig’s name is definitely “Pinky.” Put some respek on her name.

Song of the day: Soft ft Yemi Alade: Killa

Macon, Georgia

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I have a toddler and a 5 month old. Therefore, life is hectic and a lot of fun. And I’m tired for like 75% of the day. They definitely keep me on my toes but I love every minute of it. I was literally chasing him around the majority of this trip, lol.

My aunt moved to Macon earlier this year and we finally made it down for a visit. They have the cutest downtown. So charming and quaint. Ain’t nobody trying to live there, but it’s cute for a visit.

Also, the weather down here is finally starting to cool off, so layering it is! Come through Fall. I’m a fan of cropped tops over longer more flowy tops. Creates a little interest.

Afropunk Atlanta 2018

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Afropunk Atlanta this year…wowzers. First of all, let me just say that my first Afropunk Atlanta was last year. I went both days and the experience was amazing. The lineup, the people, the vibes…all good.

Fast forward to this year. Me and my sis, Jai, only attended on Saturday and I think thats where I got myself fucked up. Saturday was the “punk” in Afropunk and my ass was not ready. Based on the lineup, I probably should have went Sunday instead. My bad. Moral of the story is, check the lineup and then do your research. If you’re going to make the committment to attend a festival, you gotta know what you’re getting yourself into. For me, it’s all about the vibes. So next time, I’m only going if I really fuck with the artists.

Still met some cool people, including a fella that I dubbed “Hood Superman” due to his extra floor length red spraypainted durag which I enjoyed very much. Another chick that sold me her cool handmade KROONZ hat. Reminded me somewhat of the Nigerian hat that I was wearing. So I showed love, which sometimes directly equates to giving dem dollas. How else can we grow, right? Also, this other chick asked if we could take a picture together because she liked my style and felt like I was her in another universe or time. I told her that she sounded like Kanye. No shade. It was just true, lol.

Did any of you all attend Afropunk Atlanta this year? What were your thoughts?

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Song of the day: Flipp Dinero- Leave me alone

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Georgia State Fair.

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Shoutout to continuing to do summer tings right on into Fall. Me and the family went to the Georgia State Fair a couple weeks ago and had such a good time. It was the last Saturday before the fair closed.  I love going to places that the whole family can enjoy. Langston got to see a zebra, feed a giraffe, ride some rides, and play a game where he won a shark (which automatically became “Daddy Shark, do do do do”). And Josie was on straight chill mode the entire time. If thats not a success, I don’t know what is.

Weather was perfection and that carnival food was oh so fye. I use Myfitnesspal to track my calories every day, but I wasn’t even trying to think about it while we were there. Funnel cake with cherries, cheesy french fries, and barbeque chicken tacos? Yes please.

Wedding Anniversary Steez

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My wedding anniversary was October 5, so the hubs planned a grown-up evening in the city for us. Shoutout to our babysitter Kels.

First stop was First Fridays at the High Museum. They were having a Pride event featuring a drag show. Surprisingly that was my first drag show, but for damn sure it won’t be the last. Then we had dinner at The Optimist. Them scallops melted. like. butter. Damn. That meal was so good.

All in the name of love. Four years down and many more to go.

Naps “Aren’t” Us


This shirt used to be so accurate that it wasn’t even funny. I used to be at the house, feel a yawn coming on, lay down and close my eyes, and wake up a solid two hours later. That was me. Nappin’ and minding my business. But all that shit’s out the window now.

Kids basically destroy any idea of a nap. If they even see you thinking about sleep, they will run up, grab that thought straight out of your head, put it in their diaper, and poop on it. And then make you clean it up. I’m lucky if I even get a solid 5 hours of sleep when it’s actually my bedtime. Like…I’m just asking for the bare minimum here. But anyway, here I am wearing a shirt that is halfway accurate with some thrifted shorts, Walmart shoes, and sunglasses from Ebay. Sounds real fancy right? All those quirky sunglasses that people are wearing now, just get them from Ebay. You may have to wait a solid month for them to arrive, but you’ll only pay like $3. You’re welcome.

Song of the Day: Mac Miller- Self Care.

Home Sweet Home


My husband and I bought our first house on May 18, the same day I had my baby girl Josephine. To celebrate, we had a housewarming shindig at the end of September. Lots of family and friends, good food, and lots and lots of cake (foreal, that cake was big as hell). I’m telling you, it takes A LOT of work to get a house together after a big move. Especially when you’re working with two kids under two and are an intern in graduate school.

I was running around like a whole crazy person trying to make this housewarming party pop off right. Not to mention, I had been studying for my comprehensive counseling exam, which was the day before the party. Timing be so petty. See I needed to pass that exam in order to graduate from my program in the Spring. Not gonna front, I was hella worried, but I took the test and passed. So it was really about to be party time after that.

Song of the Day: Jay Rock: Win

Children’s Museum


My wonderful family came in town for my Housewarming party this past weekend. We had tasty ass food including ’bout 3 delectable dessert options. The house was beautiful. And it was filled with dope ass black people and good music. I, my friend, was not mad.

So after everyone headed back home, it was just me and my younger sister Meaghan on Monday. What to do, what to do? 🤔 Take my youngins to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. They have the Daniel Tiger Exhibit going on right now. It was kinda cute.

Anywho, this what this mama wore.

Song of the Day: Young Thug ft 6lack- Climax

They See Me Rollin’


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I love a good old school car. In high school I used to dream about growing up and having an old school to go along with whatever newer car I had. I imagined that on the weekends when I was feeling extra fly at some dope event, I would ride my old school whip. Growing up in East St. Louis, I saw tons of Monte Carlos, Camaros, Chevelles, etc. And they were big and boxy and metal-y and all that. I thought, how cool would it be if I got a spray painted mural on the hood of the car with the Arch and some other extra-as-hell saying that let people know that I was from the east side of St. Louis. (If you don’t already know, St. Louis and East St. Louis, although they are literally only separated by a river, are two different things and in two different states.)

The pride that I have from being raised in that city will never go away. So when I saw this powder blue car, all those memories I had as a kid just rushed right back. This one’s for my hood dreams and of course, East Saint….for life.

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