Afropunk Atlanta 2018

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Afropunk Atlanta this year…wowzers. First of all, let me just say that my first Afropunk Atlanta was last year. I went both days and the experience was amazing. The lineup, the people, the vibes…all good.

Fast forward to this year. Me and my sis, Jai, only attended on Saturday and I think thats where I got myself fucked up. Saturday was the “punk” in Afropunk and my ass was not ready. Based on the lineup, I probably should have went Sunday instead. My bad. Moral of the story is, check the lineup and then do your research. If you’re going to make the committment to attend a festival, you gotta know what you’re getting yourself into. For me, it’s all about the vibes. So next time, I’m only going if I really fuck with the artists.

Still met some cool people, including a fella that I dubbed “Hood Superman” due to his extra floor length red spraypainted durag which I enjoyed very much. Another chick that sold me her cool handmade KROONZ hat. Reminded me somewhat of the Nigerian hat that I was wearing. So I showed love, which sometimes directly equates to giving dem dollas. How else can we grow, right? Also, this other chick asked if we could take a picture together because she liked my style and felt like I was her in another universe or time. I told her that she sounded like Kanye. No shade. It was just true, lol.

Did any of you all attend Afropunk Atlanta this year? What were your thoughts?

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Song of the day: Flipp Dinero- Leave me alone

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