My Mama Said Happy Halloween

Atlanta, Lifestyle, ootd

Oh the delight of a homemade Halloween costume that actually works. If you do social media, then you most likely have seen this meme of Cardi B being a sassy black child. Thankfully I am a sassy black woman, so I naturally had all components of this outfit in my closet. Facial expression included.

I dressed my husband up as Offset, which was hilarious since he’s usually bald. Watching him awkwardly adjust his dreads throughout the night was just…a joy, lol.

Anyway, the kiddos has an amazing Halloween. We live in a great walkable neighborhood, so we were out until like 8:30. Langston kept talking about “more Trick or Treat” so we kept it pushing until we couldn’t push no more. Great night.

I included a few photos from the Halloween event at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta as well. My little Iron Man and skeleton girl.

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