Let’s Talk Self-Care

ootd, Work Clothes

Blazer: Goodwill; T-Shirt: F21; Pants: H&M; Shoes: GoJane; Necklace/ring: Alex and Ani

I’m not feeling 100 this week. I was actually just sent home from my internship for looking/sounding so crappy. My supervisor told me she was whipping the Lysol out as soon as I left, lol. It be like that sometimes. But she asked me an interesting question while I was there: “Why didn’t you just call out today?” My response: “Because this is what I do. I just fight through it.”

But why is that? I seem to think that showing up with a runny nose, coughing all crazy, with a Barry White voice is going to show them that I’m all “dedicated and dependable.” But what am I really telling myself about myself? Why do we, as women or mothers or whatever, just fight through whatever we’re going through when we know what we really need is some good rest or some good laughter or to drink some more damn water? There’s no simple answer to that question, but I do know that  I’m going to try to check in with myself more. And question those false stories that we all made up at some point that are still allowed to dictate our behaviors. Take care of youself. You’re worth the self-care.

What self-care keeps you feeling at your best?

Let’s talk style for a sec. Blazers are definitely on trend right now. I found this one at the Goodwill, aka The Spot, and thought it would be cool for work but also cool to jazz up with a graphic tee. As you probably already figured, this look is for work. Made it more playful with the skinny pants and metallic sneakers. I’m working in an elementary school this semester, so this look is kid friendly yet still professional. We out here. 

Song of the day: Smino: Klink

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