Astroworld: Travis Scott Atlanta Concert

Atlanta, Lifestyle, Music, ootd

Jacket: American Living; Shoes: Reebok

Travis Scott brought Astroworld to Atlanta last night. It was trippy, weirdo vibes and I’m not mad at it.  The show opened with Trippie Redd and Gunna. They were both high energy.  The whole night was basically just a hype-fest with lots of moshing and pyrotechnics. I was supposed to be digging deep into my self-care (see previous post)…ya know, warm bubble baths, kicking my feet up, drinking tea, etc. But instead I was at a Travis Scott concert. Travis Scott. The artist that is notorious for wild ass shows. Yep. That’s where my sick ass found myself.  Self-care is a process, lol.  It was fun though.

Drake/ Migos concert is up next. Got a few days to rest up until then. 🙂

Anybody see the Drake show yet? Do I need to drink some apple cider vinegar and take my vitamins before I go!? Let me know.

Song of the day: Travis Scott: Stop trying to be God

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