Feeling Blue at The High

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I went to Jazz Night at the High Museum last Friday night…it was so cute yal. The last time I was at the High was for Infinity Mirrors and that was an awesome experience too. I really need to start using my lil membership more.

I went out to celebrate my friend’s birthday. It was girl power to the 10th degree and I was not mad at all. That feminine energy is powerful yal. Great vibes, conversations about real shit, looks for days, and a multitude of pictures. Sums it right on up.

I’m back with winter layers that will treat you just right. I can’t get enough of skirts/dresses over pants. Other than my tube top, this outfit is either thrifted or vintage.

And my hair is grey and blue. What a time to be alive.

Planning the New Year.


Happy New Year friends. I’m getting settled into this energy of 2019 and preparing myself for great things. It’s really all about that preparation. I’m the kind of person that really enjoys having a planner. Making little lists and checking things off….oh baby. So my planner for 2019 is the Simple Elephant.

I’ve never used this brand before, but it was recommended by this Youtuber I like so here we are. I like that it’s small enough to not be a big deal when you want to take it with you but it still has everything you need on the inside. It is very simple, as far as decoration and color. If you like to customize the vibes on each page (adding doodles and stickers, like me), then it may work for you. Or if you don’t care much about the frills, this would be great too. I’m liking it so far.

It has a few cool sections where you can really get intentional about what you want for the new year. It has a section for a vision board, a mindmap, your top 5 goals for the year, affirmations, and gratitude. I took some time at the end of 2018 to start brainstorming my goals and being intentional about what it will take to make those things happen. Those sections really helped with that.

What are some ways that you organize your life and get shit done? What planner should I consider for next year?

My 2018 Self Portrait “Rise”

Art, Atlanta

“Rise” by Leslie Anne Ikpe

Strolled right into 2019 finishing this piece up….the perfect energy.

Each year, for the past 4 years now, I’ve painted and revealed a self portrait on or around the time of my birthday. It feels like the perfect time to do something intentionally creative and to track my growth as an artist. It really is cool being able to look back from year to year and see how my skill has developed.

To all my fellow artists and creatives out there: You are amazing. The world needs your creative energy. Take care of yourselves and make this place better.

Hope you can appreciate something about this piece.

All my fellow artists say what up.