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I went to the club Superbowl weekend. I haven’t been to a club club in a minute. It was fun, but I’m not rushing to do all that again. For me, the music has to be 100, so when the DJ got selective amnesia about new school hip hop/trap music, I had to make a mental note to skip that club in the future.  I came to be ratchet, don’t hate on my dreams.

I still enjoyed myself. No way I’m finding someone to watch my kids, getting all dressed up, driving to wherever, paying actual dollars, and not kicking it. I kicks it.

I went shopping at Southlake Mall specifically to find something to wear that night. There was a plentiful bounty of hood boutique type shops, which I appreciated because the price was good and the clothes were slightly unusual. I bought this sheer top along with 2 dresses. I was not planning to wear this shirt but I got to playing around in my closet and boom. It was a perfect blend tho.

Putting looks together is a form of creativity and self-expression for me. Just like if I were painting a portrait or taking a picture….it’s all in love. And it’s fun. I love how this outfit came together. I’m sure it will be one of my favorite looks of 2019.

I named this post “Sheer-o” because my shirt is sheer, I am basically a superhero, and I am a She. Yep? Cool.

What does night life look like for you? Clubs, lounges, house parties, restaurants, special events, binging Netflix, self-care, etc….let’s chat.

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