Atlanta Pride Parade 2018

Atlanta, Lifestyle

The Atlanta Pride parade was lovely. Weather was just starting to cool off and the mood was so beautiful. Talk about great energy the entire time. As you can see, I had a great time.

I want to teach my children that love is love, regardless of who it is with. And that there are so many beautiful people in this world. People be beautiful. So I was pretty excited to go to my first Pride parade with the kiddos.

What events are you all excited about in your neck of the woods?

My signature pink wig was in full effect. I really should start naming these wigs. And I kept it real low key with a white tee, brown pants, and Adidas sneakers. I just thought about it; this wig’s name is definitely “Pinky.” Put some respek on her name.

Song of the day: Soft ft Yemi Alade: Killa