AFROPUNK Atlanta 2019

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AFROPUNK Atlanta 2019. Yowza.

I’m not even exaggerating when I say that this was by far the best AFROPUNK I’ve ever been too. Atlanta clowned. The people were BEAUTIFUL. Everyone. Not just some folks, but all. Vibes everywhere. I’m honestly still on cloud 9. I’m so in awe of how AFROPUNK leveled alllllll the way the fuck up this year. So many sponsorships and cool interactive art installations. The overall scale was just grander. It was beautiful.

Now for the tunes:

Lucky Daye. Anderson Paak. Smino. Masego. Mahalia. Brittany Howard. Fever 333.

Lucky Daye has been one of my favorites for a while and this was my first time seeing him in concert. His live show is amazing. I would have been satisfied if I went home after his set. But then I get to see Smino, a fellow STLien. And end the night with Anderson Paak who did a tribute to Mac Miller. Shawty is mad content. I am shawty.

I’m excited for how AFROPUNK Atlanta is evolving. If you were at the festival, drop me a comment! What was your favorite experience at AFROPUNK this year?


Leslie Anne

Music: Afrobeats Concert @ the A3C Festival

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Hey! I was at the A3C Afrobashment show at the Tabernacle. I’m a big fan of Afrobeats at this point so I was pretty excited to check out a good show. Initially, this show had: Afro B, Mr Eazi, Koffee, Tiwa Savage, and Burna Boy. As it got closer to the show date, Tiwa and Burna Boy were removed from the lineup. How? I was super dissapointed, but I still went out to see Mr. Eazi, Afro B, & Koffee. I tell you one thing, Afrobeats music is the truth. So “feed-good”, so swaggy, just everything. And Koffee and her band were super talented.

Did anybody else check out this show or see these artists recently? Thoughts? Who’s your favorite Afrobeats artist? I’m really digging Burna Boy, Wizkid, & Juls right now.

Anyway, this is what I wore. Pants from H&M, a (quintessential Atlanta) men’s sequins t-shirt that says “The Plug”, and creepers for good measure. It is spooky season, right?

Burna Boy Atlanta Show

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I was at the Burna Boy show in Atlanta last night. Even though it was on a Tuesday and I had class the next morning, I didn’t wanna miss it. I figured his show would be awesome since his music consistently bops.


Ok. Ima start with the positive:

Hella people showed up. The opening act & DJ had a whole Afrobeats vibe going on so the mood in the venue was lovely (earlier on). It was black folks from all across the diaspora meeting in the exact same time & place for a Nigerian artist. And that, was dope. Also, his graphics were so cool to me. Props to whoever designed those.

But. Burna lowkey burned us. The show started at 8….he didn’t arrive until after 10:30. He wasn’t even in town when the show started. People left before he even got there and everyone else was pissed. I don’t know how many times I randomly heard “Where the fuck is Burna Boy.” That shit was a mess.

Once he got on stage, his performance was good. But at that point I had to force my eyes open out of sheer exhaustion (i.e.: momlife, doctoral student life, I be tired life.) Overall I’m still happy that I could see Burna live. My guy just needs to get his time management together.

I was still cute tho. 🙂

Get Familiar with Musical Artist Lucky Daye

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Lucky Daye. Lucky muthaf*ckin Daye.

This man is a star. I love everything about what Daye is doing musically and aesthetically. I listen to his EP “I” on straight repeat. I honestly enjoy every song, but my favorites are Roll Some Mo and Extra. “I” is the first installment of songs that will contribute to his debut album, which should be released December 2019. He just released his second project titled “II” on February 6th. Lucky Daye is such a vibe.

If you check him out, I’d love to hear what you think.

Awesome visuals below:

Aubrey and The Three Migos: Final Show in Atlanta

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At the Drake and Migos show Sunday night. Big concerts in Atlanta are fun because you can pretty much bet on there being at least one special guest. I mean, it’s Atlanta. So Drake brought out like 50-leven guests: Future, 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, Young Jeezy, Lil Baby, etc.  The show was visually really dope too. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how that yellow car was hovering around the arena. 

I created a look with bell bottoms, a cropped top, and a leather jacket. Then I tied it together with a big ass hat and green velvety loafers. I dig.

Overall, it was a good time. I’m trying to be all about positivity and happiness. Happiness is like wealth. Take time to do things that bring that kind of wealth into your life. You deserve the good time.

Now I have to take a break from concerts. I’s tired.

Jacket, shirt: H&M; Pants: F21; Shoes: Nine West

New Weekly Music Segment: “Say Dat, Play Dat.”


I’m going to kick off a new weekly segment on the blog where we just talk music. I’ve been including “Song of the day”  at the end of most posts, but I feel like I need to take things further.  I have always had a love for music….and an ear, I’ve been told, for when something is pretty tight.  So this was inevitable.

Meet me here weekly to check out what I’m listening to, hear about new artists, music videos, concerts, hidden gems, playlists…any and all-uh dat. And once you’re here, stay a while. 

So let’s get right to it! *starts rubbing hands together like Birdman

Here’s a list of 10 songs that I have in rotation right now. 

1. Anderson .Paak: Trippy ft J.Cole

This vibe right here is so good. The song opens with a nostaligic clip from Rodney Dangerfield that sets the tone for a warm, dark groove. Then Cole hops in just tip toeing all over the beat. I’m here for it. .Paak is consistently musical and awesome at his craft. His new album, Oxnard, is out now. Get all the way familiar. 

2. Smino: Klink

Smino is back at it. Dude so talented. Klink is just one of my many favorites from his new album, NOIR. This song comes on and I just want to do a slow shoulder shimmy and feel bougie. St. Louis stand up. 

3. Wizkid: Fever

Such a feel-good song. I listen to this song practically every day. I’ve had Wizkid on my radar for a while, but dis right here?  Even my 2 year old kid likes this song.

4. Trippie Redd: Fire Starter

“Said it all ends in motherfucking flames
Said I’m a boss, bitch, ain’t got no time for games”

5. P-Lo: Don’t Rush

This song had me twerking in the shower one day. Got my entire life. 

6. Ariana Grande: God is a Woman

When you find time to be a boss bitch.

7. Jean Deaux: Way Out

Featured on Jean Deaux’s project KRASH. I haven’t had a chance to fully listen to the project, but I do like her as an artist, so I’m excited to hear more. 

8. Radiant Children: Life’s a Bitch

“Don’t always think you’re wrong when you’re right
They’ll always try to change your mind
Darling, just do whatever feels right
Your life is there to be designed”

This song was brought into my life thanks to Insecure’s Season 3 Soundtrack, which is amazing. Rapheal Saddiq is a music supervisor for Insecure and it shows. Even if you don’t watch the show, make it your business to check out the soundtrack.

9. Gallant: Gentleman

I only recently discovered this little gem. Oh, and it is goood.

10. Free Nationals: Beauty & Essex ft Daniel Ceasar and Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Give me a little Daniel Ceasar and I know it’s going to be a great day. Plus this video is legit art.

Check out this playlist on itunes:


Astroworld: Travis Scott Atlanta Concert

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Jacket: American Living; Shoes: Reebok

Travis Scott brought Astroworld to Atlanta last night. It was trippy, weirdo vibes and I’m not mad at it.  The show opened with Trippie Redd and Gunna. They were both high energy.  The whole night was basically just a hype-fest with lots of moshing and pyrotechnics. I was supposed to be digging deep into my self-care (see previous post)…ya know, warm bubble baths, kicking my feet up, drinking tea, etc. But instead I was at a Travis Scott concert. Travis Scott. The artist that is notorious for wild ass shows. Yep. That’s where my sick ass found myself.  Self-care is a process, lol.  It was fun though.

Drake/ Migos concert is up next. Got a few days to rest up until then. 🙂

Anybody see the Drake show yet? Do I need to drink some apple cider vinegar and take my vitamins before I go!? Let me know.

Song of the day: Travis Scott: Stop trying to be God

H.E.R. Concert

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Made my way to the H.E.R. concert at the Coca-Cola Roxy this past Saturday. The Roxy is a cool venue. If you aren’t already familiar with this artist, you are massively missing out. She’s just so talented and effortlessly cool.

My Virginia homie came in town and we made a jam packed day out of it with the whole fam. The H.E.R. concert was the icing on the cake. My body was so wiggly that night, it doesn’t even make sense. Vibes everywhere.

Almost everything I’m wearing came from a thrift store (shirt, bag, pants.) Shoes are from They always have cute styles for the hella low. Oh, and this blue lip is a liquid matte from Mac.

Who else is catching H.E.R. in concert?

Song of the day: H.E.R.: Avenue

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