OOTD: You Can Hear Me Coming.

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Hey yal.

This was me at the house a couple of weeks ago. I had these swishy pants that I found at a thrfit store a while back and this color blocking organza top. They’re among many statement pieces that I buy and then figure out what to do with later. This extended time at home seemed like a great time to build some new fun outfits.

Getting dressed and styling myself is like a tiny therapy session. I get to express. Plus Josie was being cute so I snapped a few pictures in her room after her nap.

I hope you all are doing well. If not, find a little bit of peace each day and hold onto it. Things will turn around.


-Leslie Anne

OOTD: Warm Earth Tones

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Hey everyone! How are things? …it’s been a lot, right? I’ve been mostly focused on being a mom and a graduate student right now. And trust me, that is plenty. Overflow. When I first found out that my graduate program was transitioning to online learning, I really thought I was gonna show up to classes (on Zoom) in my “house clothes.” Nah playa. The devil is a lie. See I like to dress. I like to style clothes. AKA my closet is my playground.

So as long as I’m home based, I’m gonna get up and get dressed for the day and so will my kids. We gon be comfy but cute. Pajamas all day was fun for a little while but nah. We off that.

Then we can feel good and look good when we go on walks around the neighborhood. How are you and your family settling in at home?

-Leslie Anne

Winter in the Morning, Spring in the Afternoon.

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Yea it’s technically Spring, but Winter is still out here trying to be seen at least a few hours out of the day. So the wardrobe is in transition. Atlanta weather right now is a little bit all over the place. But I suppose that’s always been the nature of early Spring. In the last week I’ve worn a coat, sandals, shorts, a sweater….and seriously needed rainboots. Went from turning on the heat one night to turning on the air a couple days later. This is foolishness.

Here’s an outfit I threw together last month. Layering, like I always do. Especially helpful when the weather is a little funny. Love this vintage plaid sweater and these adorable rose gold Nine West booties.

If you come across this post, drop me a comment letting me know what city you’re in. Is Atlanta the only place with weather that’s still flip flopping?

Retro Vibes in Norfolk, Va.

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Ya girl was on the East Coast this past week for Spring Break. My last Spring Break as a counseling student, might I add. Graduation creeping up too quick and I cannot wait.

So the fam and I traveled to Virginia Beach, Charlottesville, and Washington DC. I lived in Cville for 5 years so it was nice to get back to VA & DC. Threw this look together in Norfolk for dinner the night before we left for Atlanta.

I also happened to be standing next to an oasis, so there’s that. My top and bottoms are thrifted, and it even looks like someone sewed the pants by hand….a 1 of 1. I dig.

Who else made the most of their Spring Break?

Print Master/ Shorties at an Art Show.

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Hey loves!

How is life? I feel like I’ve been going through it but I’m still moving in the right direction so all is good. Focusing on gratitude, right?

When things get really chaotic or stressful, it’s important to check in with yourself and put that self-care/self-love on 100. Taking time to be mindful, breathing deeply, eating healthier, disengaging from interactions that don’t bring joy into my life, laughing…all of those things are so crucial for me.

What do you all do as self-care when things get tough?

Part of my self-care included going to an art show at Octane Saturday night with the homies. Mama needs her time too. 20 local artists showcased work. I love seeing art and being a part of an art community. Plus Bar Taco was next door….ya girl was plantained up and so happy. Had a mini photo shoot on the streets too. Tis life. I am not mad.

Vintage plaid blazer, leopard pants, a graphic tank, and creepers on my feet. Style.

If you want to comment on this look, the art showcase, or whatever, hit me in the comments below. Until next time.


Atlanta Nights in a Vintage Collarless Jacket

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Top: F21; Shoes: Nine West; Jacket: Linda Allard Ellen Tracy; Purse: Carryland; Shorts: Calvin Klein

The semester just ended and I’m finishing up my internship next week. I’m so excited to take a break from school for a few weeks. So when the homie hit me up asking about going out Friday night, it was a yes. Had to make sure the babies were straight at home, but then…bet.

Good times. When I was headed back to my car in the Uber, we all struck up a good convo about nightlife in Atlanta. Don’t you love it when you have a cool Uber driver? I was legit in that piece taking notes on my phone 😂. See even though it’s been more than 2 years since I moved down here, I still feel relatively new to Atlanta. I have no idea where to go if I want a certain vibe or experience. But I want to. If you know where the spot is in Atlanta… whether it’s a big club or a dope hole in the wall, lemme know.

I had fun putting this outfit together. Most of it came from a thrift store, which I almost prefer. Thrift stores are just dope. I’ve had this collarless jacket for years and it’s not going anywhere. It’s beautiful and so well made. I’m also in love with these high heel mules from Nine West. Mules have made a serious come back and I, for one, am not mad. 🙂

What do you typically shop for in thrift stores? I’m usually looking for vintage jackets/blazers, blouses, high waist pants, and purses.

Let’s Talk Self-Care

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Blazer: Goodwill; T-Shirt: F21; Pants: H&M; Shoes: GoJane; Necklace/ring: Alex and Ani

I’m not feeling 100 this week. I was actually just sent home from my internship for looking/sounding so crappy. My supervisor told me she was whipping the Lysol out as soon as I left, lol. It be like that sometimes. But she asked me an interesting question while I was there: “Why didn’t you just call out today?” My response: “Because this is what I do. I just fight through it.”

But why is that? I seem to think that showing up with a runny nose, coughing all crazy, with a Barry White voice is going to show them that I’m all “dedicated and dependable.” But what am I really telling myself about myself? Why do we, as women or mothers or whatever, just fight through whatever we’re going through when we know what we really need is some good rest or some good laughter or to drink some more damn water? There’s no simple answer to that question, but I do know that  I’m going to try to check in with myself more. And question those false stories that we all made up at some point that are still allowed to dictate our behaviors. Take care of youself. You’re worth the self-care.

What self-care keeps you feeling at your best?

Let’s talk style for a sec. Blazers are definitely on trend right now. I found this one at the Goodwill, aka The Spot, and thought it would be cool for work but also cool to jazz up with a graphic tee. As you probably already figured, this look is for work. Made it more playful with the skinny pants and metallic sneakers. I’m working in an elementary school this semester, so this look is kid friendly yet still professional. We out here. 

Song of the day: Smino: Klink

Naps “Aren’t” Us


This shirt used to be so accurate that it wasn’t even funny. I used to be at the house, feel a yawn coming on, lay down and close my eyes, and wake up a solid two hours later. That was me. Nappin’ and minding my business. But all that shit’s out the window now.

Kids basically destroy any idea of a nap. If they even see you thinking about sleep, they will run up, grab that thought straight out of your head, put it in their diaper, and poop on it. And then make you clean it up. I’m lucky if I even get a solid 5 hours of sleep when it’s actually my bedtime. Like…I’m just asking for the bare minimum here. But anyway, here I am wearing a shirt that is halfway accurate with some thrifted shorts, Walmart shoes, and sunglasses from Ebay. Sounds real fancy right? All those quirky sunglasses that people are wearing now, just get them from Ebay. You may have to wait a solid month for them to arrive, but you’ll only pay like $3. You’re welcome.

Song of the Day: Mac Miller- Self Care.